Using the Google Spreadsheet and Google Earth, CBC News has identified dozens of websites that use data extracted from the web to make their own phone apps.

The web is the natural habitat for data-mining programs that extract data from the internet.

The web is a vast trove of data, and there are billions of pages online.

The vast majority of websites are owned by the web companies themselves, with little oversight over how the data is used.

There are several methods that websites use to extract data, including data mining, reverse engineering and even “malvertising.”

These tools use software to extract sensitive information, such as personal information, about people.

“These websites are trying to make money, and they are trying take advantage of people who use their services,” said Bruce McLean, the CEO of data-analytics company Zagster.

“We are constantly seeing sites that are trying, quite frankly, to profit from people’s trust, and we’re seeing these sites being run in a manner that is deceptive and that is misleading.”

The internet is home to a wide variety of websites, many of which have a range of uses.

Some sites collect information about people and offer services such as “call blocking,” which allows users to block incoming calls to specific numbers.

The site also offers search, billing and credit-card information, but many of the data collected is used to create a website, including contact information for people and addresses of their businesses.

Others collect personal data to sell it on the internet, such, a company called Phone Data.

The company offers phone data that is used for ads and in order to help people locate a phone, sell it to advertisers or to provide information to government agencies.

McLean said there are also companies that sell phone data for profit.

Some companies sell phone numbers for money, while others sell them to third parties for marketing purposes.

Mclean said the websites that have made money from collecting phone data are run by companies that are owned or controlled by the companies they are using it from.

“What they’re doing is selling the data to companies who have other services they want to offer and the companies can charge whatever they want,” McLean said.

“The people who are selling the phone data aren’t doing anything wrong, but they’re selling the information to companies that want to sell their services.”

It’s a lucrative business for companies, with phone data often used to sell targeted ads, McLean explained.

“When you buy the phone numbers of people, and you want to do some targeted advertising, that’s all it takes to create the phone number, and that’s what you get back, the phone and the credit card information, and the location data, if you want that.”

McLean also said that a growing number of phone companies are trying “to monetize” the phone information they collect, selling it to third-party companies for advertising purposes.

“People are using these tools for legitimate business purposes, and it’s very lucrative for the phone companies,” he said.

McElhenny said companies that collect the phone company information have a legitimate reason for doing so.

“They are trying [to] make money from this information,” he explained.

“They are also trying to sell the information, so they’re making money from people.”

The government can regulate the data collection and use by internet companies, but it’s unclear how the Canadian government plans to regulate the information companies collect from Canadians.

The National Telecommunications Commission has not made a formal position on data-collection and use, but the commission does have a number of recommendations for the industry on how it should regulate the industry.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission regulates the content of internet content.

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