Google is continuing to push Android 7, the latest update to the company’s mobile operating system.

This time, though, it’s offering a few new features.

As usual, these aren’t part of any significant new additions, but they do add a few features that may be worth looking into.

The biggest new feature that Android 7 introduces is the ability to “extract” information from your phone.

This allows you to open apps, launch them from the lock screen, and navigate to the home screen without having to type a password every time.

This is handy if you need to quickly find an app without having it open in the background.

Other new features include:The first thing you’ll notice when using the feature is that the notification shade doesn’t appear until you’ve actually pressed and held the volume up button, which means you’ll have to use the power button to make the phone vibrate.

This feature, which can be enabled by swiping down from the top of the screen, works similar to what Apple does with its Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

There are two settings for the new feature:When the feature first launched, I was really excited about it.

With the fingerprint sensor on the back of my phone, I’d be able to unlock it with my finger if I didn’t want it to take too long.

But then I found out that the feature wasn’t yet available in the Android 8.0 Oreo update.

If I wanted to make sure I was able to extract information from my phone without a password, I needed to swipe up from the bottom of the notification bar and then hit the volume buttons.

I was disappointed to find out that I couldn’t do this feature on Android 8 before the update.

This was one of the reasons I turned to the free Google Chrome browser extension called Extractor to try and extract my data.

It did work well enough, and I was happy to get it.

The second feature that Google adds to Android 7 is a “web extractor”.

This allows users to use their web browser to get files to their phone from other web sites.

Google’s version of this feature was added in Android 7 Oreo, and it makes it easy to access and view websites.

I can’t recommend this feature enough.

It’ll definitely help you access files you don’t have access to on your phone and download files you’ll probably want to delete from your device.

I also had a hard time finding an option for the “back button” on my phone that would work for this feature, because I have a long-press on the home button to open the home menu.

But I did find that the option was available in Android 8 Oreo.

In that update, the home key was removed.

I’m still not 100% sure what the purpose of this new feature is, but it is useful for many people.

In the future, I hope that Google will add more options to the Extractor extension so that it can extract files even if they’re locked down on your device, which may be handy if it is your main way of accessing your files.

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