Free Facebook phones are starting to roll out to the masses, and while they’re certainly a welcome addition to many users’ phones, they’re not without their problems.

The free version of Facebook Phone, for example, can sometimes make calls and text too fast, and it’s not always the most intuitive.

Here are our picks for the best mobile phone numbers apps out there.


Free Facebook Phone Free Facebook phone numbers are now available for free.

Just like on Facebook, you can sign up for a free account and add up to 10 phone numbers.

You can also pay to use the service for a period of time.

Facebook Phone is available on Android and iPhone, but some users have had issues with the app not working properly after upgrading.

The app can take advantage of a number of features, including unlimited text messages and unlimited calls.

You’ll be able to send and receive messages on any Facebook account you own.

There’s no way to change the number you’ve set up.

It also allows you to set up a custom number for specific contacts.

We’ve had success with a number that we set up for someone who wanted to share a number, but not the person’s phone number.


Facebook Messenger The app is a free alternative to Facebook Messenger, which has a more powerful feature set.

You’ve got your own custom messages, like emoji and avatars.

The new feature lets you send people messages and receive calls.

However, if you’re a Facebook Messenger user, you’ll need to pay to access these features.

There are a few caveats to Messenger.

Messenger requires you to have an account on the Facebook Messenger app to send messages.

To send, you have to sign up with your Facebook account and then tap the “send” button in the top right corner.

The Facebook Messenger service also requires you have an internet connection.

You have to have access to your mobile phone’s data plan to access some of Messenger’s features.

Messenger has been updated to work with Facebook Messenger for iOS, and Facebook Messenger on Android.


Messenger for Mac A Facebook Messenger version of Messenger is available for Mac, too.

It’s a bit of a disappointment that Messenger for Windows won’t work with the mobile app.

You still need to have a Facebook account on your Mac.

If you do, Messenger will automatically send your messages.

You won’t get to see emoji and a number on your messages, though.

You also can’t make calls, and there’s no ability to change your number.

You may want to consider the free Messenger app instead, as Messenger’s premium features will take care of most of the problems.


Facebook Call This is the official Facebook Phone app, and if you have a paid Facebook Phone account, it’s worth getting the premium version for extra features.

This app allows you send and manage phone calls and messages, and you can send unlimited messages and calls, as well as unlimited calls and texts.

You must have a free Facebook Phone number.


Facebook Video This is a more advanced version of the Facebook Phone video app.

It allows you and up to three people to watch a video together, and then share that video with friends on Facebook.

You get more options to share your video on Facebook than Facebook Phone.

The video is stored on your Facebook Video account.

It doesn’t come with an in-app camera, so you’ll have to make your own camera.


Facebook News The Facebook News app is free, but it has its limitations.

The phone app can be buggy.

And, depending on your location, you may not get access to the Facebook News feed when you download it.

It can also be a little slow.

You don’t get all of the latest news from Facebook, but you can subscribe to news and updates.


Facebook Photo If you want to take pictures of a friend, Facebook Photo has a lot of bells and whistles.

You might be able a photo, a video, or even a GIF.

You even get to make the photo and the video, too, though you can’t share them with your friends.

There is also a “favorites” section, which lets you choose a photo you want for a friend.


Facebook Hangouts Facebook Hangout is a Facebook phone app that lets you hang out with friends, view videos, and make calls.

There isn’t much in terms of features beyond that, but the app does have a feature that lets people create “hangs.”

You can create a group of people, and they can hang out together for one-on-one time.

There aren’t a lot more features here than what you’d find in Facebook Phone or Messenger.


Facebook Live Facebook Live is the most complete mobile phone app, though it doesn’t have many of the features you’d want in a free phone number service.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to invite friends to call or send text messages.

But the app has some great features,

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