The FBI’s mobile phone unlocking tool, called “Nokia,” has been plagued with problems and oversight since it was introduced.

The government has yet to give a full description of how the program works and what its limitations are.

We’re also not yet sure how long it will be available to the public.

Here are 10 things we know about the phone unlocking system, from the latest leak.


Phone unlocking is limited to U.S. citizens and green card holders.

According to the FBI, the program will only be available for U.K. residents and green-card holders.

That means people from overseas will only get access to the phone if they’re living in the U.C.L.A. and live within the U: If you’re a U.U. citizen living in another country, you’ll have to travel to that country, go through the process and then re-enter the U on your own.


The program is limited by the ability of a phone to make calls, send emails, read messages, and listen to music.

The FBI says it will use “a high level of technical sophistication” to unlock a phone and it has “not yet demonstrated the capability to unlock an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6S Plus, 7, or 7 Plus” 3.

The NSA is also not allowed to use the phone to hack into any device.

The phone is also supposed to be turned off, but the government says it is unable to do that because it would be too dangerous to “take control of the device without the user’s consent.”


The phones are supposed to have a fingerprint sensor, but that has not been officially verified.

The federal government is also trying to create a secure system for phones and other devices to be “encrypted, cryptographically protected, and tamper-proof.”


The process can be automated.

“We do believe the ability to remotely access a device can be done by a skilled, well-trained, and experienced person,” the FBI wrote.

It also says the program is designed to be easy to use and “provide an opportunity for a skilled individual to gain access to a device.”


The agency says it won’t be using any data from the phones collected by the program to identify anyone.


The new technology could have a “significant impact” on the privacy of people in the United States.

“In particular, the new system will not be able to identify individuals in the country from which a call is made,” the agency said in a court filing.

The court filing also says that the government has not yet identified how the system will be able track down the callers who are actually using the phone, so “this information could be used for a variety of law enforcement and intelligence activities.”


There’s no clear way to know what the government’s legal authority is for the phone unlock program.

“The government cannot rely on the Court’s orders or regulations to justify the program or authorize the government to engage in a program in the future,” the court filing says.


The information collected could be “incidental,” so there’s no need to keep it secret.

The order notes that the data collected can be “analyzed and used in other investigations.”


“This program has the potential to cause irreparable harm to national security and public safety,” according to the court document.

“It may result in a chilling effect on lawful speech, including speech critical of the government.”

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