The search giant announced a new Android TV device, dubbed the Google Chromecast, on Tuesday that’s set to launch this year.

The new Android-powered device is a TV box that sits on the edge of the Android TV platform and streams TV shows to a PC.

The device also includes Google Assistant support, which allows users to ask Google TV for specific commands.

The Chromecast is the first Android TV box to feature an app that can play content from Google’s own YouTube TV service, according to the company.

Google’s Android TV app, which has been available for Android devices since late 2014, has long been a platform that lets users stream media from the Google TV service to their home.

It’s also available on Google Play, Amazon Web Services, Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation Vue and Microsoft’s Xbox.

It has also been available on Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire Stick and the Google Cast mobile device.

But on Tuesday, Google unveiled a new version of the app that allows users access to more apps from the Android ecosystem.

That’s because it’s now available on Android TV devices as well.

The new Android app offers support for Google’s Chromecast-powered streaming TV box and offers users access through the Android Home app, an updated version of Google’s web-based media player that debuted with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Google also said it is updating the Android app to support the Chromecast.

The update will also be available on Apple TV and Roku devices, Google Home, Google Chromebox, Amazon Alexa and Google HomePod.

Google Home is the company’s new home automation service that connects to its existing cloud-based cloud services and includes a cloud-powered remote control that allows the user to control any Android-based device.

Google also announced plans to make it easier to set up the Chromebx and Chromecast devices with the Android Wear platform.

The Google Chromabox and Chromecast devices have an Android TV-like interface.

But they have a Chromecast controller.

The device also supports Google Assistant.

Google said the new Android apps will provide a better user experience for Chromecast owners, including voice commands.

“The new apps will let you use voice commands to control the Chromabx, Chromecast or Chromecast TV devices,” Google said in a statement.

“And you’ll be able to ask questions about your favorite TV shows and movies using the Google Assistant.”

Google also announced that the new apps support a range of devices, including the Google Home and Google Chromecasting platforms, the Google Wear OS platform, Google Play Music, the Chromecasts Play Music and Play Music for Android and Google’s Home media players.

The company also announced an update for its Google Home smart speaker that adds support for Amazon Alexa.

The Google Home speaker will be the first smart speaker from the company to support Alexa.

Development Is Supported By

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