The smartphone industry is a hotbed of innovation, but it’s also where most companies have failed to make much headway in the past decade.

That’s largely because Google’s mobile operating system is a bit of a dinosaur.

For all its years of innovation and great app choices, the Android operating systems smartphone and tablet ecosystems have been largely stagnant since the first iPhones were launched.

Today, there are more than 2,600 Android phones and tablets in the wild and they’re all running a combination of Google’s own apps and third-party apps that are often built to compete with Apple’s.

In a sense, Android is an ecosystem of its own, a collection of apps that all have different features and functionality.

But the big question for any smartphone app developer is whether the competition is really there. 

There are so many different apps, and Google doesn’t have a way to filter out the ones that aren’t working.

There are so much Android phones out there, and the only way to truly differentiate one from the next is to create something new and innovative.

In this week’s episode of Recodecast, host Kara Swisher and Recode’s managing editor Kara Swank look at the latest Android apps that may be worth trying.

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Why Apple is toying WITH Google.

The iPhone app market has been dominated by Apple since 2010, when it launched the first iPhone.

Google’s operating system, meanwhile, has dominated smartphone app development since 2007, when Android first launched.

Google is in a unique position to pick the winners in the Android smartphone app marketplace because it controls more than a quarter of the market. 

The biggest Android app makers are building their own versions of the apps Google has built, and it makes sense for them to compete for users. 

In recent years, Google has been able to create some compelling smartphone apps for Android users, but Google also has a few other ways to attract and retain users.

Google makes it easier for Android phone owners to download apps and customize them.

Google also makes it easy for developers to build apps that can compete with Google’s offerings.

Google’s free and paid apps are available for both phones and tablet devices, but the company’s premium apps are a bit harder to find.

Google lets you download and install third-parties on Android devices, which is a feature that isn’t available on Apple’s mobile platform.

Google isn’t alone in offering free apps, either.

Apple has also been able, for years, to offer paid apps to iPhone and iPad users, although the company hasn’t had a clear monopoly on that business.

Google does have a similar app business with Google Play Store, and that business is also in a bit more of a free-for-all than with Google, according to research firm App Annie.

Google has a free app store for Android phones that includes some of the biggest and best apps.

Google Play also has some of Google Play’s largest and most popular apps. 

Google’s Android app ecosystem is one of the largest in the world, with hundreds of thousands of apps for more than 100 different Android phones.

Google, on the other hand, has largely concentrated on Android’s mobile apps.

Apple, on a more even footing, has a much smaller app ecosystem, and its app offerings have been a bit lackluster, too.

There’s no reason to believe Google’s app ecosystem has grown over the years, and most Android apps have been created by Apple, too, and so there’s plenty of competition.

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