The last thing you want to do is replace your SIM card and you probably already have the right one.

But when it comes to the iPhone 6S, Apple’s new flagship phone, you may want to think twice.

The company has released a new app that will automatically remove the SIM from your phone if you buy a new one, or if you remove it from your carrier’s SIM card.

It’s available for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

It works on the iPhone and iPad too.

To do this, the app will look at your SIM number, and if it matches, it will automatically delete it.

In the case of a phone, this means you’ll have to manually remove the phone if the SIM is removed from the phone.

To remove the iPhone’s SIM, go to Settings > Security > Device management.

In this window, you’ll see a menu with options to either remove the card from your device, or to disable it altogether.

Once you have this option, you can turn it off again.

You’ll need to do this for any phone, including the iPhone.

Once the app is disabled, it’ll ask you to activate the app again, and the card will be removed from your iPhone.

The feature is available in the Apple iOS App Store for free.

It’ll be interesting to see how many people opt for the feature, and whether the removal of the SIM will actually be a big deal for them.

It will also be interesting, though, to see if it works on Android phones.

The iPhone 6s is a flagship handset with a lot of features, including a larger 5.5-inch display, an improved camera and an improved battery life.

It also has a very high camera resolution and a fingerprint sensor.

It has an edge to it in terms of battery life, as it has a longer battery life than any other phone we’ve tested.

There’s no official word yet on whether or not the feature will work on Android.

We’ve also tested the iPhone6s on the same device and found it to be more than a year old.

Apple is releasing an iOS 8.0 update for the iPhone later this month, which will bring a number of new features.

Some of these include a new multitasking mode, an option to have a “home screen” that you can use for reading and writing, a redesigned multitasking interface, an updated notification center, new music player controls and a new video player.

More: The iPhone6S is available for $549, and a Galaxy S6 Edge is available from $749, with the latter coming in Gold, Silver and Jade Gold colors.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is priced at $979, with a 16GB model available for just $799.

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