The app is one of the latest examples of how the smartphone’s growing popularity is allowing app developers to make a living.

But the app also has the potential to disrupt the phone industry as the mobile version of a craigslist service.

Craigslist has been around for more than a decade.

The site, which was founded in 2004, has since grown to more than 2.2 million listings.

The service currently has an app for iPhones, Android and Windows, but in January 2017 it will expand to Android phones.

As the number of people looking for a place to rent has increased, craigslist has seen an explosion in its app downloads.

The craigslist app has grown from just a few thousand downloads to a few million in less than a year, according to a report from mobile analytics firm comScore.

In the app, users are given a list of available properties and then click on a property to get a list that includes the current price and estimated rent.

Users can also view listings by property type and even add or remove properties from the listings.

According to data from comScore, craiques mobile app has more than two billion downloads. 

It was the first app to be downloaded on a mobile phone, according the app’s developer, Craig Johnson.

With a new craigslist mobile app, craigs users will be able to search and browse their homes and businesses and will have the ability to search in a larger search area, such as on

When asked about the app by Business Insider, Johnson said it will allow craigslist to become a “distributed resource” for local listings.

“We will be a one-stop shop,” Johnson said.

“The app will allow us to be more effective at delivering information to our community.

It will be the same way we use the Internet, which is what is unique about the mobile platform.”

Craigslist is going to have a lot more options than ever before in terms of content on mobile devices.

“ is the app that lets craigslist users browse their listings.

It was created by Johnson and the website is owned by the same company that is behind the mobile app.

Johnson told Business Insider the craigslist team had been looking for ways to bring the mobile site into the mobile world.

He said that, in addition to the app itself, craighs team also considered the mobile browser.”

It’s been a real strategic decision to bring mobile to mobile and the mobile web, both of which have proven to be great in terms, and perhaps even more important, in terms having the content in a place where we can monetize the content,” Johnson told Business Insiders.

While craigslist could have been a mobile app for its mobile site, it is not, according Johnson.”

I would say that craigslist is still a mobile site,” Johnson noted.

However, the app will also have some advantages for users of other platforms, Johnson added.

For example, the mobile website for craigs mobile app will include a “Mobile Hub” for listing and contact information.

This will be an area where craigslist’s mobile app can be used to connect with users.”

What you get with mobile is you get the experience of mobile, you get all the content on the web,” Johnson added, referring to the mobile websites.

And it will be easier for craigys mobile site to connect to craigslist when it is available in different languages.”

This is a huge opportunity for craights mobile site because it will have a much broader reach in those markets than the mobile apps,” Johnson explained.

There are also potential issues that come with using a mobile platform in an app.”

There are a lot of issues,” Johnson acknowledged.

For example: craigslist currently only has about 50 million registered users.

The app currently has 2.4 million downloads.

It also has a large amount of ads that are displayed to users and may be difficult for craigns users to find.

A new craigis mobile app may not be as convenient for users as a mobile website.

Johnson said he expects craigslist will still see a great number of users using mobile apps.”

You’re not going to see a huge number of us using mobile devices, but you’re going to get craigslist,” he said.”

For the time being, craigss mobile app is going out there and bringing the craigs platform to more people than ever.

“Craighs mobile app was developed by the company known as Craigs, Inc., which is owned and operated by Johnson.

The company also owns and operates, which currently has more then 2 million users.

Development Is Supported By

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