It’s the iPhone, and the iPad.

It was the iPad, but it wasn’t the iPhone anymore.

 And yet, Apple is still getting ready to introduce its first tablet, the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is a $499 tablet that will be available in September.

It has a resolution of 10.1 inches and is powered by an A10X chip, which has the same processing power as the A9X and A10 processors in the iPhone.

It comes in two colors: Black and Silver, and is the first iPad to come with Touch ID, a fingerprint sensor that requires the user to hold the device in the air.

And the iPad is also getting a touchscreen that supports both the iPhone and iPad touchscreens, a move that Apple said will improve the iPad experience.

It’s a very big change for the iPad lineup.

As a whole, Apple has been releasing more than 20 new iPads each quarter for the past five years, including a few of the biggest names in the industry: the iPad Air, the Apple Watch, and, of course, the iPhone 5S.

But the iPad mini is a different beast altogether.

Apple has been working on a new iPad that is, as far as we know, the smallest iPad ever.

The new iPad will be the first one that will not have a full-sized touchscreen.

It will be just 6.9mm thick.

And the iPad Pros screen is a resolution that is still higher than the iPhone 6 and 7.

So it is thinner and lighter, but is a little bit bigger.

It is also thinner and heavier, and a bit bigger on the inside, and also comes in three colors.

So, what are the iPad pros advantages and disadvantages?

Apple is making a tablet that is smaller and lighter than the previous generation of iPads.

While the iPhone is bigger and heavier than previous iPad models, Apple doesn’t want to sacrifice the portability factor of a smartphone when it comes to the iPad line.

It wants the iPad to be a tablet, so the device will be able to fit in a pocket and take up less space.

That means a smaller tablet that fits into your purse or backpack, or into your lap or purse.

But Apple also wants the tablet to be portable.

The iPad Pro will not fit in your pocket, but rather will be a full 10.6mm thick, and it will not require any kind of external power adapter.

If you want to use the iPad as a remote control, you will still need an iPad to control it, but Apple has designed the iPad for use with a single-touch touchscreen, which is what the iPhone currently offers.

You can’t touch the iPad screen with your finger, so you can use your phone, a stylus, or even your iPad to write or draw.

Apple says that the iPad will also support multitouch, which lets you draw and edit multiple items at once.

It also lets you drag and drop items on the iPad’s screen, so that you can draw, edit, and move multiple documents.

We already have a new iPhone 6 with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, so we know that Apple is working on making a new tablet with Touch IDs.

Apple also has a new MacBook Air with a Touch ID sensor.

The iPhone is thinner, lighter, and more portable, so it makes sense for Apple to make another tablet.

There are a lot of iPad Pros and iPads to choose from, but the iPad Mini has the biggest advantages.

It should be able do all the things the iPhone Pro does, and Apple is doing everything it can to make sure the iPad isn’t too expensive.

Apple will also be releasing an iPhone 6s, iPad Pro with TouchID, and iPad Pro Air in September, so there’s a chance that we could see this tablet in September as well.

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